• Zhigao Air compressor helps Liaocheng Textile Company save electricity expense
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  • Shandong Liaocheng Textile Company is a leading company in textile industry in Liaocheng, with 2,000 employees. There were three 110 type domestic brand air compressors in the factory. Now, they are replaced by 3 ea of 75SFT-5.5 two-stage compression air compressors from Zhigao Machinery. The reality is 2 Zhigao new air compressors are enough to meet their requirements. Besides, Zhigao dealer made second time energy conservation renovation – air compressor residue heat recycling, supplying enough hot water needs for factory employees. After three month, 120 KW.H of electricity are saved each hour, with total saving 800,000 RMB electricity expense annually. That has not even counted the money saved for the hot water expenses before.


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