• China bearing industry profit upgrade helped by Zhigao industrial energy saving air compressors
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  • China is a huge bearing manufacture & consumption country. Early in 2005, China became the third largest bearing maker in the world. Bearing production & sales rapidly increased in automobile, agriculture, & machine tool industry,etc.

    Due to cost increasing in material, energy & labor, bearing companies are crushed by both upper & lower markets. Air compressor operation cost is a big proportion of running cost, thus, energy saving is very important for them.

    Zhigao designed & produced screw air compressors specially for bearing manufacture industry ( high air consumption with low pressure,long working hours under severe work conditions - actual pressure between 3.0 - 5.0 bars)-  two stage low pressure permanent magnetic variable frequency series.  Zhigao industrial technical team R&Ded and tested this series compressors through rigorous conditions for more than one year.

     This series features:

    •   Large air supply output

    •   Low energy consumption

    •   High filtration precision

    •   Large dust bearing capacity

    •   Stable running

    •   Easier and More Convenient maintenance & service

    At the same time, Zhigao optimized and improved filtration system, oil separator system, and the rotor & electric motor. This series received  high level of attention & recognition from clients once it was launched. These compressors helped customers greatly for production assurance& lowering production cost.

    Here is an example from Quzhou City Jianwo Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd.

    As a high & new tech enterprise supported by Qujiang government, Quzhou City Jianwo Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd. produces 130,000,000 sets of bearings each year. All products are exported overseas, with annual income 250 million RMB. Through the communication of Zhigao & Jingwo equipment management personnel, Jingwo replaced old compressors with Zhigao two-stage low pressure energy saving 160SFT-5.5 screw air compressor. After 3-month continuous case following, they saved 49 KW.H of electricity each hour, total saving 400,000 RMB annually.

    Without small steps,there will be no long journey;without small rivers, there will be no ocean。 Zhigao constant hard working leads to continuous energy saving. Zhigao actively pursue “energy saving”to contribute more energy saving & more intelligent air compressor products.


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