• Our philosophy

    Zhigao, drilling pioneer for infinite scientific and technology innovations. Technology innovation as the core of enterprise development, detail focus, high efficiency & high quality aim, future building” as our action model, fulfilling the harmony & unity of “creativity, cooperation, humanism & value”.

    Corporate vision

    Continuously surpassing ourselves, creating new value, always striving for industrial pioneer,  China No. 1 & world first class.


    Corporate spirit

    High aspirations with great ambitions and perseverance

    Talent recruitment and team building

    With technology, diversification, & professional as development direction, Zhigao believes talent  is the key to enterprise development & market competition. With a high quality R&D team, Zhigao gained experience and made great achievement in product technology innovation, production process improvement, & energy saving. Besides own R&D efforts, Zhigao also cooperates with national scientific institutes. In Quzhou City,a technical development center with Doctor program was established within the company. Zhigao allocates 3% of annual sales as fund for new project R&D. 6 to 10 new products are developed and launched into market each year.


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